Pour out delicious gourmet coffee with hazelnut coffee syrup

If drinking coffee is your passion then do not let it turn into a boring chore when instead you can simply pour out delicious gourmet coffee with hazelnut coffee syrup. You can surely infuse your regular cup of coffee with hazelnut flavor and turn it into a fantastic coffee drink.

Drinking coffee might have become a necessity for you to remain refreshed throughout the day. However, it can also bore your taste buds if you drink the same brand and flavor of coffee during each coffee break. If you need an exciting change to goad your taste buds into excitement then you should try infusing hazelnut coffee syrup into your brewed coffee. Your tongue will not be able to stop slurping even as your taste buds demand one tasty sip after the other.

You can easily buy hazelnut flavored syrup bottles in food stores or order them over the internet from coffeehouses such as starbucks coffee or even from other coffeehouses. These syrup bottles are usually available in 750ml or 1 liter packing. You can either opt for hazelnut flavor coffee syrup for your coffee with coffee milk or can even add this wonderful flavor to your espresso coffee, latte or cappuccino to enhance its taste to an entirely new level.

However, a word of caution is definitely required before you start blending in this refreshing nutty flavor in your coffee cup. Many brands of syrup bottles do contain a lot of sugar to provide that excellent flavor of hazelnut to your coffee drink. This could pose a problem if you are diabetic or on a diet or even want to serve delicious coffee drinks to health-conscious friends or family. You could opt for the sugar-free versions but the taste somehow does not appear to be the same as the sugared version.

Instead of becoming sad at losing out on such a tasty option, you can try out another tasty option by buying hazelnut flavor essence bottles over the internet. These flavor bottles are totally sugar-free and can yet infuse your coffee with excellent aroma and flavor even as you require only 2ml per coffee cup to reward you with the nutty flavor of hazelnut. Thus one 270ml bottle of hazelnut essence is equal to 4 liters of hazelnut coffee syrup, which in turn means excellent cost-savings in the long run. You can now savor the mystifying flavor of hazelnut without adding calories or losing too much money from your pocket.

You can still enjoy the best of both worlds by alternating between hazelnut syrup bottles and hazelnut essence bottles so as to enjoy a little variation in your coffee break. However, you will certainly notice substantial savings in cost even while happily sipping over hazelnut flavored coffee infused with 2ml of sugar-free essence. You can now proclaim yourself as an expert barista that provides delicious gourmet coffee even as you simply squeeze in drops of hazelnut flavor among other flavors from an essence bottle.

You can truly get transported into flavored coffee heaven by blending in hazelnut flavor from a syrup bottle. However, you should watch out for high sugar levels in hazelnut coffee syrup if you want to avoid piling on those pounds while you are on a mission to enjoy your gourmet coffee.