Please your palate with vanilla cinnamon flavored coffee

If you truly want your palate to love a unique new flavor entering through your coffee cup then you can please your palate with vanilla cinnamon flavored coffee. By combining two delicious flavors you can have double the fun as you lazily sip on your aromatic and uniquely flavored coffee drink.

A coffee break can surely turn tedious if you have been brewing plain coffee in your coffee maker and swallowing it down quickly. You need to savor each sip of your coffee drink and in order to do that you need to transform your coffee into lip-smacking gourmet coffee. The quickest way to brew delicious coffee like a barista is to infuse your drink with a little flavor. There are several ways to add in a flavor into your coffee cup or even get a little more adventurous and blend in two tasty flavors at one time.

One flavor with universal appeal all across the globe, not only in coffee but also in ice-cream, cakes and cookies, is vanilla. Children and adults alike love vanilla in their food and drinks. You too can infuse this delectable flavor into your coffee, be it regular coffee or espresso coffee, mocha or latte and enjoy the unique aroma and taste that this wonderful flavor imparts to your coffee drink. You can also sprinkle cinnamon powder on top of your prepared coffee drink to enjoy the delicious combination of coffee, vanilla and cinnamon.

You can also blend in vanilla and cinnamon in liquid form into your coffee in several ways. You could opt directly for vanilla cinnamon flavored coffee beans that will relieve you from indulging in coffee roasting of your green coffee beans at home. You can simply blend in these delicious flavored beans in your coffee cup and tastily sip on flavored coffee during your coffee break. However, such beans are costly as compared to green beans and your coffee bean bag might not reveal freshly roasted beans upon opening them if they have been lying with the retailer for a long time.

Another easy method of enjoying both vanilla and cinnamon in a single coffee cup is to buy coffee syrup bottles and blending them in your prepared coffee drink. You can choose vanilla and cinnamon syrup and blend in the quantity of each flavor based on your taste buds. You can opt for syrups that contain sugar or go in for the sugar free versions if you are on a strict diet or want to serve up these gourmet coffee drinks to people that are diabetic. These syrups do provide excellent taste although they can be on the costly side if you want to blend then into your coffee on a regular basis.

Another alternative to flavored beans and syrups is to opt for coffee flavor essence bottles. These flavor bottles might be compact but since only 2 ml is required per coffee cup, one essence bottle will last really long. These essence flavors are also sugar free, thus making it a safe option for diabetics and people on diets. You can now enjoy blending in two of your favorite flavors into your coffee cup while ensuring good health too.

Vanilla and cinnamon each manage to bring in a unique new character to your coffee drink. By blending them in together in your coffee cup and turning it into delicious gourmet coffee, you can now enjoy the best of both worlds. If you truly want a break from drinking regular coffee then make sure to please your palate with vanilla cinnamon flavored coffee.