Blend in vanilla mix to make wonderful drinks

If you want to add delicious flavor in your milk shakes or coffee drinks then you should blend in vanilla mix to make wonderful drinks. Vanilla is an amazing flavor that can turn any staid drink into one brimming with heavenly aroma and taste that is sure to please your taste buds.

Vanilla flavored mix is usually available in powdered form and only needs to be dissolved in water, milk or yogurt before being added to the desired ingredients. If you want to add a delicious flavor to hot or cold milk then vanilla is one flavor that not only emits a heavenly aroma but also imparts a silky smooth taste to the milk drink.

If you want to add vanilla to cold milk then you can simply add your vanilla mix to your cold milk, throw in a few crushed ice cubes and blend the entire mixture in your blender. Your cold vanilla milk shake will come out of the blender sporting a thick froth and the resultant thick shake will surely please your taste buds with a creamy texture, along with the classic taste of vanilla, of course.

You can do the same with hot milk since the mix will anyway dissolve in hot milk quite easily. You can now hold a steaming hot cup of vanilla flavored milk as you sit cozily in front of your fire place on a cold winter night. In addition you can also use vanilla flavored mix to prepare delicious coffee drinks including espresso coffee, mocha and cappuccino.

Vanilla mix can be used to impart a slightly thick constituency to your coffee drinks. This is also a reason as to why vanilla flavored protein mixes are gaining popularity with each passing day. Such shakes offer great taste along with high levels of protein, although if you do plan to drink such shakes then consulting a doctor prior to consumption is a must for good health.

It is important to mix the ingredients thoroughly in any drink so that there are no lumps in the final drink. Your coffee drink too can be enhanced by blending in vanilla in several different forms. While vanilla powder can surely be mixed in your coffee cup, using liquid forms of vanilla will make your work easier. You can use vanilla syrup to come up with tasty flavored coffee that will surely lure you and your guests with the sweet aroma and taste of vanilla.

However, vanilla syrup has a lot of sugar and calories, and opting for sugar free vanilla syrup bottles will not provide the same taste as the sugared ones. Syrup bottles are also quite heavy on the wallet. The best option to mix vanilla flavor in your coffee would be to order vanilla essence concentrates over the internet. You can now blend in mouth-watering vanilla essence into your coffee drinks and happily sip on them during each coffee break.

Your palate would surely slip into monotony if you do not treat it to several delectable flavors. Vanilla is one such flavor that is indeed rich in aroma and smooth in taste. You can now easily impart this wonderful flavor to all your drinks including milk and coffee by blending in vanilla mix in powder, syrup or essence form.