If you are drinking plain old coffee in each coffee break then it is time you change the very nature of your coffee with flavored syrup. There are several tongue pleasing flavors that will transform each boring coffee break into a tasty one.

You might have already noticed shelves at your local store lined with several colorful syrup bottles. These flavored syrups can be used not only to flavor coffee but also to flavor tea, ice-cream, sodas, cocktails, mocktails, etc. These syrups are normally available in 750ml or 1000ml bottles. You might also need to purchase a small pump to discharge the thick syrup into your coffee cup or any other drink.

If you love to make cost-effective coffee by using various coffee roasting methods over your green coffee beans then you should use the same procedure to get fresh and tasty plain coffee through your coffee maker. You can even add sugar and coffee milk if you desire. Your flavored syrup will need to be added once you pour your coffee into your cup. Once blended into your regular coffee, your flavored coffee will surely emit a delicious new aroma while the taste will also get enhanced so as to lead your taste buds into an entirely new world of coffee.

In addition to blending these syrups in plain coffee, you can also create your own versions of gourmet coffee by blending in espresso coffee, cappuccino, mocha, etc so as to create your own unique version of delectable coffee that will surely please your own taste buds and those of your loved ones. The best part is that this type of delicious coffee can be prepared and served within minutes. You can now transform each coffee break into a mini-vacation and also serve these delectable coffee drinks to unexpected guests without any problem.

Flavored syrups are available in many flavors ranging from the traditional such as apple, banana, butterscotch, strawberry, melon, etc to the exotic such as coconut, mango, pear, pumpkin, and many more. Your taste-buds will never get bored again as you happily try out one wonderful flavor after another. You are sure to turn into an expert barista as you conjure up one tasty coffee drink after another. However, before you rush to your nearest store to buy your favorite flavored syrup you should pay heed to these tips.

Most coffee syrups are loaded with large amounts of sugar and also contain carbohydrates and preservatives. All these ingredients add to unwanted calories that could pose a problem to your health. These syrup bottles are also quite costly and you will also need to buy several flavors if you want to keep your taste buds happy at all times. Some manufacturers have however started making these syrups without sugar but you will still need to read the labels on these bottles before you pour the contents into your coffee drinks.

There are other alternatives such as flavored essence bottles that are sugar-free and can even be consumed if you are on a low carbohydrate diet. You should certainly explore them too in your quest to please your taste buds. However there is no doubt that you will definitely be taken in by the wonderful taste of each bottle of flavored syrup and your coffee break will certainly never be the same again.